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Raiders' Carr hopes for new deal before season begins

5/30/2017 10:29:00 PM
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Derek Carr remains confident that a contract extension will be worked out before training camp.

But if it doesn't, the Oakland Raiders' quarterback plans to shut down negotiations and play the final year of his existing four-year deal signed as a second-round draft pick out of Fresno State.

That would mean instead of getting a deal in Andrew Luck territory (an average of $23.3 million), Carr would play for $977,519 and then be a free agent if the Raiders don't lock him up before free agency begins or possibly be named the team's franchise player.

"There's nothing new to report right now," Carr said as the Raiders began their second week of organized team activities. "I'm hoping those things pick up here real soon, which we're expecting. They've been talking to Tim (Younger), my agent. That should get going real soon, I hope."

General manager Reggie McKenzie won't negotiate in the media, and expressed confidence to the Raiders' flagship station last week a contract would get done.

If by some chance it didn't, McKenzie, according to Carr, can't expect to work something out during training camp and the run-up to the 2017 season.

"Once training camp hits, I'm all football," Carr said. "I'm not going to distract my teammates and you guys are going to want to know, but trust me, if it's not done we won't be talking about it. I'm focused on football."

Carr was already dismayed that his contract talks came up in a SportsCenter interview with teammate Khalil Mack.

"That bugs the heck out of me because there's no reason he should have to talk about that," Carr said. "I'm not worried about it ... both sides keep saying it's going to get done ... I've made it very clear that I want to be a Raider for my entire career. I don't want to play for anybody else. They know that. They've told me how bad they want me, so we'll see."

When asked straight if he would play under the existing contract if a deal isn't reached by training camp (the Raiders report July 28, with the first practice the following day), Carr said: "I wouldn't even answer my phone ... I don't want anything distracting my thought process at all. That's not a jab or anything like that, it's just me saying that I'm not going to deal with anything that's not helping me just focus on winning."

If McKenzie and Team Carr somehow don't reach an accord and Carr plays under the existing deal, it complicates matters with Mack. Ideally, for salary-cap purposes, McKenzie hoped to get Carr and guard Gabe Jackson signed to extensions this season and then Carr next offseason.

Trying to fit all three in the same year will take some considerable cap gymnastics.

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