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Well, this is it. The Super Bowl! Will defense prevail? Will Cam accept the torch from Peyton and let him ride out of the rodeo as Runner-up? These questions, and many others, will be answered in the next episode of Soap.

As mentioned last week, I grabbed the line on Carolina as soon as it came out for 20 units and bought it to 3 when it opened at 4, which cost me an extra 20% juice. It is currently -5.5 for Carolina right now depending on where you look, which I would still take if I were you. If you are comfortable buying it to 4, I recommend doing so. I do expect a Carolina win by 8-11 and wouldn't be shocked if it was an even bigger win for Carolina. Carolina's run game gives them a good balance on offense and their defense, while not as good as Denver's, is plenty capable of keeping Denver in the teens. That is good enough for me as Carolina gets into the 20s. Depending on where you book your bets, there are more Prop Bets at your disposal than you need to look at. The juice and the yardage numbers in the bets vary from site to site so this is what I am pulling down. First off, get rid of the coin flip prop bets since the Vig on those are stupid high nowadays almost everywhere. Find another degenerate close by you and bet him and save a few bucks. Also, get rid of those "what will happen first" bets since you really can't handicap those bets. I am going to streamline my prop bets to follow my "all in" on Carolina. I'll list some prop bets for those of you who favor Denver winning though I am not playing them myself but would if I were betting Denver ML. Those of you who think that Denver will lose but cover, you can cherry pick from each list since I can't help you. Good luck to all! Don't forget to sign up for your free Super Bowl Square here.


MY Prop bets (for those for favor Carolina winning and covering):

2 Units on Carolina at -0.5 for 1Q (Even)
3 Units on Carolina Team Total Over 13.5 in 1H (-130)

3 Units on Carolina at -3 for the 1H (-120)
5 Units on Carolina to lead at Half and win the Game (-125)
2 Units on Carolina at -10.5 for game (+185)
3 Units on Cam Newton to win MVP (-165)
1 Units on Cam Newton to score first TD (+700)
1 Units on Jonathan Stewart to score first TD (+750)
1 Units on Mike Tolbert to score first TD (+1800)

2 Units on Yes Carolina will convert a 4th down (+140)
2 Units on Carolina to get to 10 points first (-130)

1 Units on Luke Kuechly O9 Tackles+Assists (-120)
1 Units on Jonathan Stewart O68.5 Rushing yards (-120)
1 Units on Mike Tolbert O19 Rush+Receiving yards (-120)
1 Units on C.J. Anderson U14.5 Receiving yards (-125)
1 Units on Ronnie Hillman U40.5 Rushing yards (-125)


Prop bets for those for favor Denver winning and covering:

5 Units on Peyton Manning for MVP (+325)
1 Units on Von Miller for MVP (+2000)
1 Units on Demaryius Thomas for MVP (+3000)
1 Units on Yes Denver will convert a 4th down (+130)
1 Units on Denver D O2.5 sacks (+120)
3 Units on Von Miller O3 Tackles+Assists (+105)
2 Units on C.J. Anderson O62.5 Rushing yards (-120)
1 Units on Demaryius Thomas O68.5 Receiving yards (-110)

Season Record:
Straight-up: 53-61-2  -94.0 units
Totals:  42-42  -37 units
Moneyline:  10-5  +28.8 units
Teasers:  12-15  +26.5 units
Parlays:  2-4  +2.4 units

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