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This event is actually the true draft results from the Maximum Fantasy Sports 2016 Fantasy Football company draft. The “mock” portion of this event was the guys talking about each other’s draft picks. This event took place over the course of a half day, a half barrel and a half of a 10ft sub but these guys do not take the event half-heartedly. 

Every year, MFS holds their own internal draft which consists of ownership, support staff and writers and they all know the NFL inside and out so their results can be used as a guide for your fantasy football draft, especially if you are playing in one of their open fantasy football public leagues. 

Always know your league’s scoring system when drafting! The draft results will vary from league to league depending on how scoring is weighted. This league uses 1 point per reception so keep that in mind when looking at the results. The remaining scoring is standard, though it is executed on a decimal basis. Using whole numbers, it equates to 1pt passing for every 25 yards, 1pt for every 10 yards of rushing and receiving. 4pts for a passing TD and 6pts for a rushing/receiving TD. Defenses score a bit more as points are assessed for yards and points given up as well as standard points for sacks and turnovers.

Round 1:

Owner                          Player

1. Ron                             Antonio Brown (PITT - WR)

2. Sonny                        Julio Jones (ATL – WR)

3. Branko                      Odell Beckham Jr (NYG – WR)

4. Bobby E                    David Johnson (AZ – RB)

5. Keller                         DeAndre Hopkins (HOU – WR)

6. Bill                               Todd Gurley (LA – RB)

7. Jake                            AJ Green (CIN – WR)

8. Adam                         Brandon Marshall (NYJ – WR)

9. Todd                          Adrian Peterson (MINN – RB)

10. Matt                        Lamar Miller (HOU – RB)

Mocking: there were no real surprises in the first round. Most of the round was spent complaining about Ron getting the top spot again this year and people taking more than 30 seconds for a first round pick, though Keller took a hippo-sized bite out of his sub right when it was his pick and needed to chew through it to prevent choking.


Round 2:

Owner                          Player

11. Matt                        Dez Bryant (DAL - WR)

12. Todd                        Keenan Allen (SD – WR)

13. Adam                      Ezekiel Elliott (DAL – RB)

14. Jake                         Jamaal Charles (KC – RB)

15. Bill                             Allen Robinson (JAX – WR)

16. Keller                       Mark Ingram (NO – RB)

17. Bobby E                  Le’Veon Bell (PITT – RB)

18. Branko                    Doug Martin (TB – RB)

19. Sonny                      Brandin Cooks (NO – WR)

20. Ron                          LeSean McCoy (BUF – RB)

Mocking: There was no surprise in the room when Branko stated that he was going to grab his Muscle Hampster. Everyone seemed relieved when he didn’t do it in public viewing. Lots of discussion on each side on whether or not Le’Veon was picked too high. Ultimately, it was agreed upon that he would have missed at least 3 games during the season to injury anyway. One person quipped that the guy running behind Dez Bryant would have a better year thanks to Dak Prescott’s overthrows.


Round 3:

Owner                          Player

21. Ron                          Rob Gronkowski (NE - TE)

22. Sonny                      Eddie Lacy (GB – RB)

23. Branko                    Alshon Jeffery (CHI – WR)

24. Bobby E                  Jordy Nelson (GB – WR)

25. Keller                       C.J. Anderson (DEN – RB)

26. Bill                             Randall Cobb (GB – WR)

27. Jake                         Devonta Freeman (ATL – RB)

28. Adam                      T.Y. Hilton (IND – WR)

29. Todd                        Jordan Reed (WASH – TE)

30. Matt                        Golden Tate (DET – WR)

Mocking: three Packers being taken in round 3 caused Ron to pound his chest and recite a long list of Packers-dominated stats over the beloved Chicago Bears of most of this group. Well deservedly, he was showered with beer and told to leave the room since he gets the last pick in the next round. It was also speculated that outside of a Notre Dame draft, Golden Tate would still be on the board to be drafted.


Round 4:

Owner                          Player

31. Matt                        Cam Newton (CAR - QB)

32. Todd                        Jarvis Landry (MIA – WR)

33. Adam                      Amani Cooper (OAK – WR)

34. Jake                         Mike Evans (TB – WR)

35. Bill                             Carlos Hyde (SF – RB)

36. Keller                       Eric Decker (NYJ – WR)

37. Bobby E                  Demaryius Thomas (DEN – WR)

38. Branko                    Matt Forte (NYJ – RB)

39. Sonny                      Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)

40. Ron                          Matt Jones (WASH – RB)

Mocking: Payback is Hell and Sonny put Ron there by taking his beloved Aaron Rodgers right in front of him. He seemed to rattle Ron as everyone agreed that he reached for Matt Jones. The general thought was that Rob got the first steal by landing Demaryius Thomas as late as he did, with the caveat that the Broncos’ QB has to be Trevor Siemian and not the Butt Fumbler.


Round 5:

Owner                          Player

41. Ron                          Andrew Luck (IND - QB)

42. Sonny                      Jeremy Maclin (KC – WR)

43. Branko                    Russell Wilson (SEA – QB)

44. Bobby E                  Sammy Watkins (BUF – WR)

45. Keller                       Doug Baldwin (SEA – WR)

46. Bill                             Greg Olsen (CAR – TE)

47. Jake                         Julian Edelman (NE – WR)

48. Adam                      Ryan Mathews (PHI – RB)

49. Todd                        Allen Hurns (JAX – WR)

50. Matt                        Michael Floyd (AZ – WR)

Mocking: loads of arguments ensued on whether any of these players were worthy of this round or were one-year wonders or over their injuries, outside of Russell Wilson. Many thought that Matt had the best pick with Floyd if Carson Palmer can stay upright for another season, which many doubt.


Round 6:

Owner                          Player

51. Matt                        Giovani Bernard (CIN - RB)

52. Todd                        DeSean Jackson (WASH – WR)

53. Adam                      Drew Brees (NO – QB)

54. Jake                         Latavius Murray (OAK – RB)

55. Bill                             Jordan Matthews (PHI – WR)

56. Keller                       Sterling Shepard (NYG – WR)

57. Bobby E                  Thomas Rawls (SEA – RB)

58. Branko                    Kelvin Benjamin (CAR – WR)

59. Sonny                      Chris Ivory (JAX – RB)

60. Ron                          Emmanuel Sanders (DEN – WR)

Mocking: Everyone rode Jake for taking Murray and started a pool on which week he would be demoted to second string. Bobby E didn’t escape though as many thought that Rawls would not be listed as the top RB on Seattle at any point during the regular season. While Sterling Shepard is talented, no way should he be taken this higher either.


Round 7:

Owner                          Player

61. Ron                          DeAngelo Williams (PITT - RB)

62. Sonny                      Duke Johnson Jr (CLE – RB)

63. Branko                    Willie Snead (NO – WR)

64. Bobby E                  Delanie Walker (TENN – TE)

65. Keller                       DeMarco Murray (TENN – RB)

66. Bill                             Ben Roethlisberger (PITT – QB)

67. Jake                         Donte Moncrief (IND – WR)

68. Adam                      Jeremy Langford (CHI – RB)

69. Todd                        Frank Gore (IND – RB)

70. Matt                        Jeremy Hill (CIN – RB)

Mocking: Branko went to the well again and came up dry when he asked if anyone has Snead his Willie before taking the WR. Ron admitted that he grabbed Williams far too early but primarily did it to get under Rob’s skin and made plans to bombard him with trade offers if he wants a Bell-Williams handcuff.


Round 8:

Owner                          Player

71. Matt                        Travis Kelce (KC - TE)

72. Todd                        Melvin Gordon (SD – RB)

73. Adam                      Coby Fleener (NO – TE)

74. Jake                         Larry Fitzgerald (AZ – WR)

75. Bill                             Tavon Austin (LA – WR)

76. Keller                       Dion Lewis (NE – RB)

77. Bobby E                  Tom Brady (NE – QB)

78. Branko                    Jonathan Stewart (CAR – RB)

79. Sonny                      T.J. Yeldon (JAX – RB)

80. Ron                          Arian Foster (MIA – RB)

Mocking: The back-to-back Patriots got the most noise as everyone wondered if Keller’s beer was spiked for picking Lewis so high and explained the PUP does not mean that he bought a new dog. Mike insists that they will eat their words and he will stash him on the IR until the 7th game and rub it in afterwards. Bobby E did get props with his Brady pick since he probably would have been a 4th rounder without the suspension and there are plenty of other QBs to plug in during the first 4 games of the season. Also, no one knew why Adam thought that the Brees target combination would be Coby Fleener and why it would be in round 8.


Round 9:

Owner                          Player

81. Ron                          Jay Ajayi (MIA - RB)

82. Sonny                      DeVante Parker (MIA – WR)

83. Branko                    Tyler Lockett (SEA – WR)

84. Bobby E                  Marvin Jones Jr (DET – WR)

85. Keller                       LeGarrette Blount (NE – RB)

86. Bill                             Danny Woodhead (SD – RB)

87. Jake                         Zach Ertz (PHI – TE)

88. Adam                      Kevin White (CHI – WR)

89. Todd                        Blake Bortles (JAX – QB)

90. Matt                        Tevin Coleman (ATL – RB)

Mocking: Ouch. Matt flattened Jake by asking him where his head was for picking a TE before handcuffing Coleman to Freeman, especially when Coleman may end up as the RB1. Not a soul had Ertz on the radar until double digit rounds. Mike was too amused by the show that he didn’t even make a statement on adding Blount to hold the RB position until he gets benched when Lewis is healthy.


Round 10:

Owner                          Player

91. Matt                        Michael Crabtree (OAK - WR)

92. Todd                        Theo Riddick (DET – RB)

93. Adam                      Darren Sproles (PHI – RB)

94. Jake                         John Brown (AZ – WR)

95. Bill                             Justin Forsett (BAL – RB)

96. Keller                       Derrick Henry (TENN – RB)

97. Bobby E                  Denver defense (DEN – D)

98. Branko                    Charles Sims (TB – RB)

99. Sonny                      LaQuon Treadwell (MINN – WR)

100. Ron                        Corey Coleman (CLE – WR)

Mocking: The focus was on Sonny for reaching for DeVante Parker last round and then Treadwell this round. While they have talent, no one else was ready to grab them yet….and no one definitely wanted a defense this high. While the defense in this league scores pretty well, there are too many good players on the board to grab a defense so early. 


Round 11:

Owner                          Player

101. Ron                        Travis Benjamin (SD - WR)

102. Sonny                   Antonio Gates (SD – TE)

103. Branko                  Gary Barnridge (CLE – TE)

104. Bobby E                James White (NE – RB)

105. Keller                    Carson Palmer (AZ – QB)

106. Bill                          Ameer Abdullah (DET – RB)

107. Jake                       Rashad Jennings (NYG – RB)

108. Adam                    Jordan Howard (CHI – RB)

109. Todd                      Isaiah Crowell (CLE – RB)

110. Matt                      Paul Perkins (NYG – RB)

Mocking: Everyone was shocked at a 5-RB run to close out the round. It was noted that Frank Gore is similar to many of these picks and he went in the 7th round. The consensus was that Bill may have landed a steal if Abdullah can consistently run the ball and get some catches away from Riddick. Rob did ride Keller pretty hard by stealing White in front of him though Keller wouldn’t take the bait even though there was a strong feeling that Keller would have taken White this round to complete his trio of Patriots’ RBs.


Round 12:

Owner                          Player

111. Matt                      Seattle defense (SEA - D)

112. Todd                      Ted Ginn Jr (CAR – WR)

113. Adam                    Darren McFadden (DAL – RB)

114. Jake                       Eli Manning (NYG – QB)

115. Bill                          Kenneth Dixon (BAL – RB)

116. Keller                    Julius Thomas (JAX – TE)

117. Bobby E                Stephen Goskowski (NE – K)

118. Branko                  Bilal Powell (NYJ – RB)

119. Sonny                   C.J. Prosise (SEA – K)

120. Ron                        Torrey Smith (SF – WR)

Mocking: It was agreed that Ron had the steal of the draft in getting Smith at the end of the 12th round. A joke was made about Ron taking Colin Kaepernick next so he could get double points on connections. Of course, no one thought Kaepernick was anointed as the starter in San Fran but they decided to salute him nonetheless in a manner befitting him; everyone with one finger only – Kaepernick is not well-liked around MFS.


Round 13:

Owner                          Player

121. Ron                        Carolina defense (CAR - D)

122. Sonny                   Stefon Diggs (MINN – WR)

123. Branko                  DeAndre Washington (OAK – RB)

124. Bobby E                Josh Gordon (CLE – WR)

125. Keller                    St. Louis defense (STL – D)

126. Bill                          Arizona defense (AZ – D)

127. Jake                       Philip Rivers (SD – QB)

128. Adam                    Tyler Eifert (CIN – TE)

129. Todd                      Kirk Cousins (WASH – QB)

130. Matt                      Michael Thomas (NO – WR)

Mocking: The Kaepernick discussion and the accelerated beverage intake rate helped fuel this round as the loudest yet. Roars of approval for Diggs, Gordon and Eifert as great picks as well as Washington, who many expect to be the RB1 with Murray taking a backseat in Oakland.


Round 14:

Owner                          Player

131. Matt                      Martellus Bennett (NE - TE)

132. Todd                      Houston defense (HOU – D)

133. Adam                    Buffalo defense (BUF – D)

134. Jake                       Kansas City defense (KC – D)

135. Bill                          Kendall Wright (TENN – WR)

136. Keller                    Charles Clay (BUF – TE)

137. Bobby E                Travis Taylor (BUF – QB)

138. Branko                  Minnesota defense (MINN – D)

139. Sonny                   New England (NE – D)

140. Ron                        Jimmy Graham (SEA – TE)

Mocking: More attention was being paid to how bad the Chicago Bears are looking versus Kansas City than the draft itself as it has primarily gone into autopilot with defenses and, in the next round, kickers being the majority of the picks expected. Wright and Smith are looked upon favorably though are coming off big injuries.


Round 15:

Owner                          Player

141. Ron                        Graham Gano (CAR - K)

142. Sonny                   Blair Walsh (MINN – K)

143. Branko                  Justin Tucker (BAL – K)

144. Bobby E                Christine Michael (SEA – RB)

145. Keller                    Steven Haushka (SEA – K)

146. Bill                          Chris Boswell (PITT – K)

147. Jake                       Chandler Catanzaro (AZ – K)

148. Adam                    Mason Crosby (GB – K)

149. Todd                      Dan Bailey (DAL – K)

150. Matt                      Ryan Succop (KC – K)

Mocking: Bobby E ended the last round with a round of applause after getting chastised for grabbing a kicker in the 12th round, even if it was Goskowski. With the Seattle backfield a large unknown this year, Michael could finally live up to his billing. Following that, there was a lot of beer-fueled chest-thumping about how good their own teams are and how bad every other team in the league is. Of course, the trash-talking is one of the best components of a Live Draft. Let’s hope you has as much fun in your fantasy football drafts as the guys at Maximum Fantasy Sports do.


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