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Someone has to start 0-2, right? Well, statistically, the answer is no if all things were equal, which they are far from. Today’s NFL has a few really good teams, more than a few really bad teams and a whole bunch of mediocre teams which tends to yield an average of nine 0-2 teams after week 2, which is spot on this season. The average is that one of those teams makes the playoffs. Last year was an exception as two teams made the playoffs that started 0-2; Indianapolis and Carolina, but common sense sez that Carolina was not a playoff-worthy team and should not be counted. Will only one team make the playoffs this season or will it be more? Two of the nine reside in the same division and the other two teams in the division have no chance, even though they are tied for the division lead. There are some high profile teams on this list so let’s take a look.

Teams With As Much Chance As A Kardashian/Jenner Becoming a MENSA Member

Chicago Bears: The Bears thumbed their nose at their history of how they seasonally built a winning team and sacrificed solid defense for mediocre, overpaid quarterbacking and Karma is kicking them in the a$$. At least Brandon Marshall had the wisdom to question the logic in Halas Hall and was thanked by getting traded to a playoff contender. Good for him! Karma is wise! Papa Bear is rolling over in his grave as the Bears are on a beeline for the number 1 draft pick and will probably not trade it and will use it on another QB. The defensive moves that they have made the last decade are mind-boggling and has made this team a mockery, but fruitful for opposing offensive players. Zero chance at playoffs and a fifty percent chance of going winless.

Outside Looking In But Happy That They Are Not The Bears

New Orleans Saints: I hated their off-season moves and expected a down year as they knew Drew was coming of age and thought they needed to focus on the run game more than the passing game. I can see Sean Payton ordering a hit on DC Rob Ryan since he has done nothing with the defense since he has been there. Losing at home against Tampa sets the stage for a franchise freefall. I am not sure if they win more than five games this year and it may get worse next year.

Detroit Lions: the Lions have let most of their talent on defense go the past five years and have settled on QB Matthew Stafford as their leader, which is a bad move. He could be better with a better offensive coordinator, but their play-calling is terrible. Even when Calvin Johnson has been healthy, they don’t use him right and they have long struggled with balance between run and pass plays. They get the Bears twice, but blowing that big lead at San Diego foretold the story of the season and it does not have a happy ending. Six wins seems like the best they can do.

Similar Of Chances Of Finding Someone Who Likes That Annoying Big Bang Theory Show (better than one would guess but more unlikely than likely)

Baltimore Ravens: Hard to figure this team out; poor offensive showing one week, pretty good the next. Good defensive showing one week, poor the next. They need to figure out how to survive without Terrell Suggs on defense and they need to get Breshad Perriman on the field to help the passing game. If RB Justin Forsett is a one-year wonder, then this team is toast. They do get Cleveland twice and they will need to hold home field against Cincinnati and Pittsburgh to have a chance. Sunday’s game against Cincinnati is a Must Win or they can start planning for 2016.

Houston Texans: It is so sad to see a great defense go to waste. It has been a long time since the QB play in Houston was above average. They wasted the best years of Andre Johnson and Arian Foster is approaching his twilight. They need to get better QB play to give themselves a chance at the playoffs. If they can do that, their easy schedule does set them up for a potential run at the division, especially if the Colts can’t put it together.

New York Giants: The good news after two weeks is that the Giants did have double digit leads in the fourth quarter of both of their games. Bad QB play helped give those games away though. Truthfully, the only reason that I give them a chance is because the NFC East resembles the NFC South of 2014 all of a sudden. With Philly lost on offense and Dallas beat up, the Giants can’t be counted out, especially since they have Washington on their schedule for two games. They will be lucky to achieve a .500 record, but that has a good chance of standing up in this division.

Philadelphia Eagles: What the Hell happened here? They can’t run the ball with one of the best duos, on paper, in the backfield, and they can’t complete a pass to anyone not named Jordan Matthews. They have too much talent not to succeed but their play-calling needs to change to give them a chance. Maybe a switch to Mark Sanchez would do the trick. If not, for the Love of Liberty, throw the ball downfield and spread out the defense!

As Solid As Seeing An Annoying DraftKings Commercial On Sunday

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks have yet to play a home game and are getting Kam Chancellor back, so I expect them to secure a wildcard spot. I think it is Arizona’s division if they stay healthy. A wildcard team at 9-7 is a lock, even if they only win 9. I have them pegged at 10 though.

Indianapolis: Signing salty veterans is great if they are in a tutoring role. If they are in a starting role, not so good. The Colts can’t block and have no explosiveness on offense. Their defense is accumulating injuries quickly, but they will get at least 4 wins in their division but, most likely, 5 or 6. They will not beat any of the good teams on their schedule, but they will finish with 10 wins and win the division.


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