You can create a Private League and invite acquaintances that you believe to be inferior in sports knowledge, thus will be prime candidates for donating their money towards your championship. As the league Commissioner, you can configure all aspects of your league if you have created a Commissioner League, including the type of league, the scoring system, the style of draft and all tiebreaker rules. If you have created a free Private league, then your league is configured with a standard scoring system. You can always convert a Free league type to a Commissioner league type if you want fully configurability. You may create or join as many MFS leagues as you desire, or your significant other will allow. There are 2 types of leagues offered; a Head-to-Head league and a Statistical Points league, often referred to as a Total Points league. Either of these league types can be set up as a Keeper/Dynasty League if you have created a Commissioner League.

  • HEAD-TO-HEAD LEAGUES – Create or join a Head-to-Head League and square off weekly against one of the other league managers. Each manager sets a weekly lineup based upon league configuration and is matched up against another manager according to the league's schedule. To ensure that the schedule is completed evenly, we enforce an even number of teams in all Head-to-Head leagues. When you are competing against another manager, the team that accumulates the most fantasy points from their starting lineup that week wins the game. Weekly results are then tallied into an overall record. In non-playoff leagues, the team with the best winning percentage at the end of the season wins the championship. In playoff leagues, the top teams square off in a playoff elimination tournament near the end of the season to determine the league winner. The size of the playoff bracket, and the playoff start week, is determined by the Commissioner during configuration before the NFL season begins. In the case of ties during the regular season or playoffs, the Commissioner will establish the tie-breaker sequence during league configuration.

  • TOTAL POINTS LEAGUES – This type of league does not contain the Head-to-Head component, but it does allow you to accumulate all starter points towards the standings. This league type is for managers who tend to draft high-scoring teams in a Head-to-Head league but invariably play other teams who have their highest scoring week of the year. The net result is that you score more points than the league champion, but don’t make the playoffs due to your record not being good enough. In a Total Points League, each manager sets a weekly lineup based upon league configuration with the ultimate goal of collecting more fantasy points with your chosen starting team players than all other teams in the league. Points are tallied throughout the football season and the team with the highest total at the end of the year wins the league championship. Total Points leagues can be configured with playoffs as well.